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Post by Admin on Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:57 pm

Ive always hated forums with rules, so Ill only put the minimum
1. No Dual Postage
2. No gay porn (Idgaf how homo u are, Im not and dont want this here!!)
3. No Justin Beiber!! (No gay porn = No Gay Fags Either!!)
4. Censoring, Do it if u really wanna
5. Trolling, I liek teh trollage
6. Spamming, Xeah sure, in the Chill Zone... Just give it its own topic
7. Whining n Complaining, I will permaban anyone that really annoys me

Other than these, I dont really care what u do Razz
Im not one to ban or give warnings, but be a dumbass n watch ur HP drop


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